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Version History

Release 0.91.3 (Nov. 15, 2009)

Bug Fixes

  • general improvements for tsfromtxt
  • accept datetime objects for ‘value’ positional arg in Date class
  • fixes for compatibility with matplotlib 0.99.1
  • fix problem with ‘%j’ directive in strftime method
  • fix problem with concatenate and 2-d series
  • fixed crash in reportlib.Report class when fixed_width=False and a header_row were specified at same time

Release 0.91.2 (Aug. 23, 2009)

Bug Fixes

  • fixed mov_average_expw so that the mask of the input is not modified
  • adjust_endpoints : allow the input starting and ending dates to be strings
  • enhancements to guess_freq function, more frequencies supported
  • fixes for compatibility with matplotlib 0.99.0

Release 0.91.1 (Apr. 15, 2009)

New Features

  • Calling the convert method (or the corresponding function) with an explicit func parameter should now be faster when the function func accepts an axis parameter.
  • The functions first_unmasked_val and last_unmasked_val now accept an optional axis parameter (with a default of None).
  • The display of dates for a series with undefined frequency has been simplified: dates are presented as integers.
  • date_array function now accepts strings for start_date and end_date parameters.

Bug Fixes

  • max / min methods now work for multi-dimension TimeSeries objects
  • The method fill_missing_dates (or the corresponding function) now works with structured arrays.
  • Methods and functions accepting an axis parameter should now return a TimeSeries when possible.

Release 0.91.0 (Apr. 1, 2009)

  • First public release.