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In order to use the scikits.timeseries package, the following external packages must be installed beforehand:

Python 2.4 or later.
Please note that Python 3 is not supported yet.
scikits is a namespace package, and as a result every scikit requires setuptools to be installed to function properly.
Numpy 1.3.0 or later.
Numpy is a library to manipulate large arrays of numerical data. Version 1.3.0 provides improved support to MaskedArray objects with structured datatype.


The following packages are strongly recommended:

SciPy 0.7.0 or later:
SciPy is a set of Numpy-based tools for engineering and scientific applications. Some of the lib sub-modules (interpolate, moving_funcs...) use SciPy interpolation and signal functions.
matplotlib 0.98.0 or later:
matplotlib is a Python 2D plotting library. scikits.timeseries includes some extensions to matplotlib to plot time series.
PyTables 2.0 or later:
PyTables is a package for managing hierarchical datasets, using the HDF5 format. scikits.timeseries provides support to store time series with missing data.


You can download source code and windows installers from the sourceforge project page.

For svn repository access:

svn co timeseries


To install on windows, it is recommend that you use the pre-built installers from the sourceforge project page.

To install the scikits.timeseries package directly from source, run the command:

python install