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TimeSeries.tofile(series, fileobject, format=None, separator=' ', linesep='n', precision=5, suppress_small=False, keep_open=False)

Writes the TimeSeries to a file. The series should be 2D at most.


series : TimeSeries

The array to write.

fileobject :

An open file object or a string to a valid filename.

format : {None, string}, optional

Format string for the date. If None, uses the default date format.

separator : {string}, optional

Separator to write between elements of the array.

linesep : {string}, optional

Separator to write between rows of array.

precision : {integer}, optional

Number of digits after the decimal place to write.

suppress_small : {boolean}, optional

Whether on-zero to round small numbers down to 0.0

keep_open : {boolean}, optional

Whether to close the file or to return the open file.


file : file object

The open file (if keep_open is non-zero).